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Why Yaktive Kids?

We believe that there are three major barriers to accessing extracurricular activities in the Yakima Valley. Our goal at Yaktive Kids is to team up with organizations, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists to create solutions to these problems. 

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The Three Barriers:

1.  Lack of Information

Where do parents go to find answers to all of their questions?

Here is a list of common questions that parents have:

  • What activities are available?

  • Who offers those activities?

  • When/where/how do I sign my child up?

  • What equipment will they need?

  • What can I expect the first time my child participates?

We are currently addressing this by maintaining a database of information on this website, sending out weekly newsletters, posting equipment purchasing guides, and soon we will add a "What to Expect Guide".  

2. Lack of Options

Yakima is made up of a very diverse population. We cannot adequately support our youth if we are not offering an equally diverse selection of activities. 

We are currently addressing this by planning and helping to establish new camps and classes, as well as mentoring and supporting entrepreneurs who wish to bring new programs to our valley. 

3. Lack of Funding

As the income disparity in our valley continues to grow, the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities diminishes for a large portion of our population. 

We are currently addressing this by making information about which programs offer scholarships or sliding-scale pricing readily available to parents. In the future, we hope to offer our own source of funding as well as provide needed equipment to those who are unable to purchase it themselves.

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