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Children's Race

Making Experience Accessible 

Opportunity   Enrichment   Community

Yaktive Kids is committed to enriching
the lives of Yakima's Youth

We believe that the entire community benefits when its youth are active and engaged

Yaktive Kids aims to create a space where Yakima's families can connect with local opportunities to enrich and broaden the lives of their children.

For more information about what we're doing and why, please see our Why Yaktive page.

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We provide:

  • Information on groups, teams, venues, and businesses in the Yakima Valley

  • An up-to-date calendar of youth events

  • A place for local mentors, coaches, and business owners to reach their target demographic

  • A central location for finding diverse opportunities and community

Kids Gardening

Service and Leadership

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Kids robot

Science and Technology

Building a Better Future

Kids Painting Class

Art and Music

Cultivating Creativity and Self Expression

Girls Soccer Team


Forming Healthy Habits for Life

Here’s What’s Happening in Yakima

Don’t Be the Last to Know!

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We're always on the hunt for local youth activities.

Please send us a message to let us know if we missed something!

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